Tilt is an internationally recognised and traditional graffiti artist, originating from Toulouse in the South of France.  As self declared “graffiti fetishist”, he learned his trade in the streets and on trains as a youngster.  At the time he did his first tags on a skateboard ramp back in ’88, his ensuing career has been nourished and influenced by extensive travelling.  Inspirational journeys have seen Tilt exhibit and leave his mark behind him as far as the U.S.A, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, New  Zealand, Laos, Taiwan, China,  Canada, Philippines, Indonesia, and in more than 12 countries throughout Europe.

Tilt loves demonstrating that basic and primitive graffiti can be as powerful and complicated as 3D lettering, wild styles or characters.  His focus on letters, high impact shapes and bright colours is a reflection of his history as a true graffiti writer, trained on the streets and in the train fields.  Similarly, his extensive use of bubbly, curvaceous forms relates to his obsession with beautiful females.

Following classic hip-hop graffiti ideology, his individual styled name is the focal point in the majority of his paintings. In Tilt’s case it is the bubbled lettering “Throw-up”.  “Throw-Up” is a graffiti terminology for a writer’s spraypainted name incorporating quick lines in one or two colours only, designed for fast execution; it is the action which Tilt is most interested in, thus he uses his throw-up styles to visually communicate the fun of creating graffiti in risky situations.

Tilt  published five(?) books about his art and photography, which titles are  Egodrips, PhotoGraffiTiltism,  A Scotland yard, Fetish Bubble Girl, My love letters.

Magic and Destroy and Closer to God in heels.


Tilt, street art artist - Kolly Gallery, Zurich

TILT too many ways to die

On the occasion of his exhibition at Kolly Gallery in Zürich, Tilt demonstrates, in three acts, how numerous the ways to lose yourself in vice are. As the precursor of fetishism in graffiti art and the creator of the famous Bubble Girls, the French artist takes us into a world where money, lust and greed lead to the one and only outcome: chaos.

To achieve his goal, he uses multiple techniques, such as sculpture, painting, drawing and silkscreen printing. These different alternatives take the visitor along the road of perdi- tion, in a space full of sensual lips and forbidden fruits.

Kolly Gallery gives you a unique opportunity to enter this decadent artistic universe, one that will let you die a little to make you feel genuinely alive.

Red lipstick and high heels are required!

Julien Kolly


TILT red lipstick 1, 150 x 150 cm


TILT red lipstick 2, 150 x 150 cm


TILT red lipstick 3, 150 x 150 cm


TILT red lipstick 4, 150 x 150 cm


TILT zahia pink, 114 x 164 cm


TILT lollipop, 130 x 195 cm


TILT, barbarella red, 130 x 195 cm


TILT currencities, 197 x 146 cm


TILT 0.725 €, 300 x 140 cm


TILT bloody summer, 82 x 64 cm


TILT dirty words, 28 x 113 cm


TILT garbage 2, 135 x 125 x 26,5 cm


TILT back to boring 38, 200 x 200 cm



TILT back to boring 37, 200 x 200 cm