speedy graphitoF

Born in 1961.Lives and works in Paris and Los Angeles.

A precursor to the avant-garde and recognized as one of the pioneers of the French “Street Art” movement (Urban Contemporary Art), today Speedy Graphito is internationally one of the major figures of his generation.

Since the early 80s, just after the free-figuration movement, the collective memory and walls of Paris were permeated with the coloring and snappy graphics of Speedy Graphito’s “Style Graphito.”

SG Product of Art.
Prolific and inventive, SG uses all forms of expression – painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography – to create through his work and through the ages a universal language that will infuse the cultural landscape.

Developed with these themes, exhibitions followed with ever new and surprising universes. Having to constantly evolve and reinvent his trademark of joyful and profound art, often with bright colors, he playfully and ironicly shakes our perceptions of societal systems. In this approach, he does not hesitate to appropriate all the imagery of popular culture – superheroes and trademarks – thus achieving a quasi-systematic decryption of our collective unconscious. He comes in as many question the norms and principles of our Western cultural identity, superimposing on the reality of our society a more poetic dimension.

When SG uses specific imaginary from his personal dictionary, and it is tangibly connected to the history of art, it is reality that is mostly likely to provide the key. Here everyone will find, if desired, a good reason to pursue a more personal quest. The themes of childhood and death have always been widely present, making his works more autobiographical, inspired by his travels. All are an invitation to travel and enlighten. The work as a whole, is that of a facilitator, marking a dreamlike impression of a true iconoclast.

Equally at ease in a public painting performance as in the privacy of his own studio, SG devotes his body and soul to his passion. With the urgency of passing time, he acts as if in “survival” mode.
SG is a popular artist. By directing the creation of the poster for “Rush Art” in 1985 by the Ministry of Culture, he immediately received wide recognition and public awareness.
Following “Rush Art” came the animation for the Defense concert by JM Jarre, the external graphic identity of the Halle Saint Pierre, the creation of the logo for the Altair space mission (which is still somewhere in intergalactic space), the painting of the barge Europodyssée which joined Paris to Moscow via canals, sail a catamaran for crossing the Atlantic solo, and the walls of Paris along the route of the Bievre…