Ilk is born, lives and works in a forest in 93 district, the dark zone of Paris suburbs, France.

He discovered metal and horror movies at 10, begins to develop his film cameras in the lab at 11, sink in Magic cards and Warhammer at 12, begins graffiti in 1998. With this eclecticism, he graduated in Fine Arts in 2002.

After that, he started to work for Disney packagings. In 2006, he began as a freelancer for various clients and creatives agencies.

After many years as graphic designer and art director in music, luxury and fashion field, in 2015 he focuses on paintings, illustration, graphic design, typography, photography & more. While keeping a corporate foot in art direction for various brands and creative agencies.

Ilk’s playful art scattered with psychedelic forms and colors is only a helping hand to sink into the depths of darkness of an organic and oppressive fantasy world.