Hendrik ecb BeikirchD

Born march 6th, 1974 in Kassel, Germany

works as freelance artist in Koblenz, Germany

1989 creates first painting with spray can

1996 – 2000 studies of art education at University of Koblenz – Landau, Germany

1996 first work travels to New Zealand and Korea
Hendrik Beikirch’s preoccupation with the large-format portrait is also reflected on canvas.

The fate of individuals with a collective character form an important, long-time work series.

Random encounters and conversations provide the content for these mirror-of-the-soul images, translating personal history and sketching their expression on the canvas.

They get these strange stories inside, into the living room, and make walls transparent.
The faces?
These are no one specific, and therefore, just recognizable.

The anonymity of the portraits is of interest.

Associations with individuals accessed from the mass are being opened.
Everyone has something special, even though he is a little different from the next.

A slightly different shade of color, in black and white, a personage as any other, but still themselves.

Beikirch belongs to the generation of those who look for new approaches.
As a constant process of his artistic practice he experiments with how immediate and large-scale outdoor spaces can adequately be incorporated into interior works.

And vice versa technique, composition, and the detailing of the work on canvas carries over to the outdoors.

But above all, what is paramount is how the subject is a positive connection between the two domains, and further, how the special features of the presentation benefits the viewer.
Mapping and representing are key concepts that create comprehensive remuneration and connect the exhibition space with public space.

As Beikirch’s portraits address intimacy directed outwards, in the interior, they radiate anonymity. In both chambers, they address in different facets the relationship of the individual with the crowd.

These relationships make Beikirch’s work captivating and give it a unique position in the contemporary art world.