Flying FörtressD

Flying Förtress is a very talented grafic artist and illustrator, mastering several techniques, mixing seriousness and comical, always instinctively avoiding bad taste. He is subtle in the subjects‘ representation too. His purpose being to make people smile, one can follow his art by its humoristic trace.

Förtress flying between the grafic and the graffiti world, between the small and the big, between the silkscreen and the tag works, the german artist is most of all known for his troopers. His logo represents an amusing bear illustration on both his paws, torn between the cuddly toy and the agressive animal effigy. He always wears a military german helmet from the second world war. The purpose is to preserve the beauty of the country‘s grafic art in the 39-45‘, putting the contents aside. Indeed Flying Förtress decides not to look at the messages but on the other hand refuses to erase everything. He gets inspired where one could think it‘s all negative. His humorous soldiers are joyful without being grotesque. The artist amuses himself with variations of these latter, always re-using the basic elements but changing theme or figure. In that way a trooper will transform itself into a pink panther or a Homer Simpson, everything being perfectly adapted to the mix of both characters.

Here is the proof that Flying Förtress is an accomplished artist, going from one style to another without even thinking, transposing it to his comical language, firstly to have fun and only then to reflect.